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Success Story: Dr. Priya Krishen

Physician Lost 8 lbs, 5% of her body weight Dr. Priya Krishen was a client of Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet from July to December of 2022. Over that time, she lost body fat and inches from her waist and her hips.  But more importantly, she found new and critical

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Why Aamir Khan Followed a Diet Plan for Dangal (and you should too)

Aamir Khan is one of India’s most famous actors, known for his ability to transform into any role so convincingly that he can make audiences believe that the characters are real. For example, in his 2017 film Dangal (which translates roughly as “wrestling competition”), Aamir plays Mahavir Singh Phogat—a former

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Upendra’s Commitment Transformed His Health

Although not too much overweight, I always felt I should be leaner. One of the things that I used to enjoy previously was jogging. However, I was unable to do that since last year and half or so due to lot of pain in the foot arch anytime I tried

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Charmi Relied on Our Knowledge of East and West

My weight was at an all time high, and I had low energy. I  was searching for a good nutritionist and on internet I found reference for Dr Nikhil.  What I liked about Dhurandhar Weight Management is the combination of their knowledge of both India and the West. For example,

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Sukhdip’s Transformation

“I saw an article about the body transformation of Bollywood actor Amir Khan in his movie Dangal, where he goes from being really overweight to an extreme athletic physique, I found out in an article that Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar was the nutritionist behind it, so I decided to contact him.

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Aamir Khan Completely Transformed for “Dangal”

Since 2008, Aamir Khan Has Trusted Us with His Nutrition for Major Movie Roles. The Problem:  Aamir Khan was 96 kgs with 37% body fat (picture). He needed to lose a tremendous amount of weight. If he could not lose weight, his movie would flop. Let alone the health consequences.

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