Akshay Lost Fourteen kgs in Three Months


Starting Weight: 97 kgs
Ending Weight: 83 kgs
Starting Stomach: 41″
Ending Stomach: 38″
Starting Waist: 40″
Ending Waist: 36″
Starting Hips: 24″
Ending Hips: 22.5″
Starting T-Shirt Size: 2XXL

Ending T-Shirt Size: M



     I’m Akshay K Patel. I’m 27 old and resides in India and New Zealand. 

    In the 21st century there is an idealistic goal of having the ability to be physically active and everyone wants to look slim and fit. However our lifestyle has changed because of the type of food we consume. Nowadays we get every type of food like highly saturated food, frozen food, refried food and oily food. Our choices of the food we consume have changed drastically due to the convenient availability of the range of food.  Even when these type of food are not healthy for our body we still choose them throughout life. It’s not until we experience some form of hardship or something happening in our body to realise that if we didn’t consume the food we did, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in currently. However I learnt that it’s never too late to make a change.  

I went through a situation where I was exposed to a completely different environment, this was when I went to New Zealand for my studies. There I didn’t have typical Indian food readily available for me to consume and I started to eat all types of junk food liked pizza , sandwiches, fried food, frozen food, sugary food, soft drink. I would say I over ate all these types of junk food. My weight increased from 88 kg to 96 kg. After some time later I realised the weight gain and how it was impacting me and how it became too hard to loss my body weight. Hence I started the gym and a diet and progressively reduced my weight and lost approx. 6-7 kg.


Then I came to India for my wedding and after my wedding again I started gym and I got an injury in my back and both knee ligaments’. So I stopped the gym and diet regime. After all that, my physically activity stopped and I gained weight again to 97 kg. My Dr. told me that I required to lose weight to bring relief to my back and knee pain. Hence it had become harder to lose weight because of my multiple injuries. 

I became troubled I was in a situation where my mind was blank and didn’t feel motivated as I didn’t have any idea how to lose weight. I lost all my hopes as I had another more stressful situation in my life on top of this. Due to the combine stress of these situations I developed a bad habit of over eating without realising the impacts of it due to the tension.

After I watched Dangal movie a few months later. I saw the drastic weight loss change to Aamir Khan which made me start thinking about myself. The possibility of me being able to achieve the same results and how did he make it possible and achieve it. All I can say curiosity kills the cat,  I started browsing on YouTube about Aamir Khan weight lost journey. I came across a video of Aamir Khan and how he published a weight lost book. I felt inspired and honestly the best got to me and I bought Dr. Dhurandhar fat loss diet book. I followed some rules of book but I wasn’t equipped with proper prior knowledge. I didn’t understand about the food combinations and the intake and how the diet would actually work for weight lost. 

    Not being very successful with the book didn’t stop me from trying I still wanted to change and knew there must be a way. So I browsed about Dr. Dhurandhar on the web and I come across Dr. Dhurandhar website, and honestly this give me the hope I could lose weight.

I questioned myself if Dr. Dhurandhar did Aamir Khan weight lost journey, surely I still have a chance of experiencing the same. I found the 12 week online diet plan and I applied for it. I was truly so excited to undertake this diet and I started diet plan. I was so pleased to slowly see results that I’m losing weight while still eating everything I would normally if didn’t undertake this diet plan. I’m super happy for the results that I saw. It changed me mentally and physically I was free of my back and knee pain and I built confidence about myself as I was more comfortable in my own skin. I truly am more than delighted to see the results and undertake such a impactful plan that helped me achieve what I desired.

       I am sincerely thankful to Dr. Dhurandhar that he helped me in my journey of weight lost. I would definitely tell to anyone that weight loss is possible if it is truly desired and how much benefit I gained from Dr. Dhurandhar.  

    Once again thank you very much to Dr. Dhurandhar and his teams for providing me with the guidance I required to achieve my goal. 

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