Fatima Sana Shaikh Got Into “Warrior Shape”

“The diets Dr Dhurandhar created were very helpful in achieving the body look I needed for Thugs of Hindosthan. In addition, I count on his expertise for a sound nutritional health. “

Hot on the heels of her tremendous performance in “Dangal”, Fatima Sana Shaikh had to prepare for a different kind of performance altogether.  She was going to play “Zafira” in the blockbuster Thugs of Hindostan. Although she had played an extremely in-shape Geeta Phogat, playing the warrior archer “Zafira Baig” would require a different kind of look altogether. To achieve this goal, she worked out relentlessly in the gym, and practiced archery extensively. Although she would be acting, she certainly was able to play part of the warrior! But this kind of training has its challenges. Extensive physical activity requires the right kind of nutrition. If one over eats, then even with a lot of exercise, you will still gain weight.  If you under eat, you will lose not only weight, but that also includes muscle. Not only is his bad for health, but makes you physically weaker, and of course does not give the desired “look”. Therefore, to manage her nutrition, Fatima place her selves in the hands of our clinic. Dr. Dhurandhar prescribed a simple but effective diet plan. The diet plan not only gave her all the energy she needed for training, but also made sure that her body fat stayed low, and her muscle mass stayed hi. This gave her the strength, to train, and the look and the stunning look that she showed off in thugs of Hindustan.

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