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Your Goal Is Our Passion

If your goal is to lose weight and lose body-fat.
If your goal is to maintain or even increase your lean muscle.
If your goal is to improve your health.
If you want to do all of the above in a safe, scientific, and systematic way, then we can help you reach your goals.

What We Do for You

1. We give you clinical-grade, well-researched, and scientific advice for weight loss.
Losing weight is a serious endeavor. Done right, it can result in better health. But it can worsen health if you get the wrong advice and follow unscientific practices. Our program is rooted in the scientific evidence about healthy weight-loss. We constantly update our approach as science evolves.

2. We create personalised diet plans based on your current lifestyle and eating habits.
Instead of asking you to eat an unusual diet for weight loss, we keep things simple and accommodate your habits in our diets.

3. We help you achieve weight-loss nutrition that is nourishing and comfortable.
Instead of very restrictive diets that make you feel starved and weak, we use nutrition science to reduce calories in your diet without a reduction in the amount of other nutrients you get. This way, your diet remains satisfying and your health, strength, and muscle mass are maintained -and even improved- by our program.

3 Options to Reach Your Goals

Option 1: One-to-One Consultation

Consult directly with Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar and Dr. Emily Dhurandhar.

Option 1: One-to-One Consultation

Option 2: Instant Diet Chart

Option 2: Instant Diet Chart

Do you want JUST a diet chart? No appointments needed. Our Fat-Loss Diet software can automatically create a diet plan for you, based on the foods, you decide to include. With this diet plan, you are getting the exact same nutrition that follows the principles we follow in the clinic. There are no appointments, because with this diet chart you don’t need an appointment! If you need support, you can always email us there’s no need for appointments. You can email us anytime you wish or watch our exclusive weekly webinars and ask any questions you want directly of Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily.

Option 3: Dr. Dhurandhar's Book

Voted by Times of India as one of its most trusted diet books. Learn exactly how to develop your own diet plan as well as get the specific ingredients you need in order to lose weight.

Option 3: Dr. Dhurandhar's Book

Questions? We Would be Happy to Help!

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