Sukhdip’s Transformation

“I saw an article about the body transformation of Bollywood actor Amir Khan in his movie Dangal, where he goes from being really overweight to an extreme athletic physique, I found out in an article that Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar was the nutritionist behind it, so I decided to contact him. I have had a few personal trainers, but with their limited knowledge of nutrition, I didn’t get results, even though they were good with the training side. Since I am training— but with Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily looking after my diet— the results are amazing!

After contacting Dr. Nikhil, my thoughts were would their program work for me? Celebrities have everything prepared for them— like professional cooks.  But in my first appointment with Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily my head was clear.  They asked and answered all my questions related to that like what kinda food I like, and even there were so many options to choose from, it didn’t feel like I had to clean my kitchen cupboards just because I going to start dieting.

If you’ve tried online diet plans or a diet plan from someone who is in your gym and looks fit, it doesn’t mean the same diet will work for you. Your dietary needs could be different, and that’s what I learned since I am with Dr. Dhurandhar. I am so happy with the way things are going, because it’s not been even 2 months yet and my body fat is 18.4%. It was 27% before starting with Dr Dhurandhar and I am looking forward to the next few months to get where I wanted to be with my fitness level.

Professional help does make huge a difference, and Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily are so good with what they do. I am looking forward to the next few months to get to the level of fitness I always wanted.”

– Sukdhip Singh

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