Charmi Relied on Our Knowledge of East and West

My weight was at an all time high, and I had low energy. I  was searching for a good nutritionist and on internet I found reference for Dr Nikhil.  What I liked about Dhurandhar Weight Management is the combination of their knowledge of both India and the West. For example, I was very surprised that the simple exercise they suggested—walking—has helped me so much. This is not commonly known in India.

What they do well is understand my requirements and have a really customized approach that suits my lifestyle.

After some time in the program, I now have good energy levels, although it has been challenging to reduce ghee and not drink full-cream milk. This is only in the short term.  My key to success is to be honest and follow guidance provided by Dr. Nikhil.  If you are considering joining, certainly join. 

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