Success Story: Dr. Priya Krishen


Lost 8 lbs, 5% of her body weight

Dr. Priya Krishen was a client of Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet from July to December of 2022. Over that time, she lost body fat and inches from her waist and her hips.  But more importantly, she found new and critical insights about her unique challenges so that she could achieve and maintain a lower, healthier weight.  


We sat down with Priya and asked her about her experience with Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet. 

Q: So why did you decide to start Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet?

A: I just wanted to be healthy. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, this was a couple of years ago- they had made me join the diabetic clinic, the weight reduction thing, and I wasn’t getting anywhere. Because this is the thing, they would say, “now try and see if you can reduce this,” but all the options that I was getting, I was not happy with. Because it had to be something I did on a day-to-day basis. So I got talking to my husband and I said, you know what? My sugar levels are stable. But what else can I do? And my husband came across Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet and suggested I try it.

Q: When you first started, how did you know Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet would be a good fit for you?

A: I must have sounded like a cranky first client, because I said, you know what? It has to be what I cook every day. I’m not going to be taking, uh, you know, uh, supplements and this energy bar and that energy bar.  It has to do something with my Indian cooking. So, when I saw the questionnaire that was sent and the questions about Indian foods that were asked, I said, you know what? I think this will work for me because the questions were so different than what a regular dietician and a hospital asked you.

Q: What did you find helpful about the approach of using a personalized, specific diet plan to lose weight?

A: At first I found it difficult, but then Dr. Dhurandhar said, “What you are eating, just stick to that for two weeks and let’s see what happens. And that will help us figure out where you stand.” And actually, you know what, that did the trick because everyone is so different. It helped me figure out how much I needed to eat and also that that was what was going to work for me, you know? And then once I started doing that, I saw the slowly drop happen, the drop in weight happening.

Q: Why do you think that having such a personalized diet was helpful?

A: Everyone’s issue is different and you would never guess what mine was. 

I don’t have chips in the house. I don’t have so soda or anything in the house. So what do I do? Fruit? So I keep fruit and was my go-to, and I feel good, you know? 

But the funny thing I realized while on this program is that we are all of this misconception that fruits are healthy for you because they’re raw. There’s no oil or anything. I had to actually cut back on fruit because that was my snacking item, and that was my sugar. Wow. And calories coming from there. Wow. And I remember Dr. Emily looking at me, and she says, “This is the first time someone’s told me that they had to cut back on fruit!”

So there were little minor changes I had to do. Because what I did was, where I was having, say for four apples, I just cut back to one apple.

And for cooking, before I wouldn’t use too much oil, but I would eyeball it. So because of the program I said, you know what? No, let me take a spoon and measure the oil and put in. So I think that has helped a lot. I measure things now, especially oil and stuff like that I measure and put it in. And just cook it on low. And I don’t miss the oil.

Q: You experienced positive changes in your blood reports and blood sugar control. What other health improvements did you notice? 

I feel good, and you know, and it’s amazing how well the body adapts. Like sometimes I will say, oh, I feel like fries, like the salt in the fries. And it’s funny, I will go stand in line, pick up the fries from McDonald’s. I’ll have one, and the next thing you know, it’s in the garbage because my body doesn’t like it anymore. Not that I ate a lot of fries before, but it’s amazing how your body adjusts to what you’re eating.

Q: What have you learned as a long-term take-away from the program?

A: So what I learned from all this is how do I portion out my food? One can always be sitting in this misconception that they don’t eat much, and you may not be eating much, but, what you are eating is also key. So it just helped me break it up. I would’ve never thought of eating one egg and two egg whites for breakfast. I would’ve done one egg, and ‘I’m eating healthy, I’m eating an egg and a bread.’ So just trying to learn, like for me, at 1400 calories, what does it comprise of? How much is it? 1400 may seem very little to some people, but when you actually look at how much food it is, it’s quite a bit.

It just helped me look at food differently and eyeball things better. When I went on vacations, that’s the first thing I would do- I said I’m not cooking. I’m not keeping tabs on anything. What if I want to splurge on something, you know? But what I realized is my body doesn’t like the splurging. So I would automatically go and say, okay, this is what I can have. And I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of the experience of the food in a different state or a different country, you know?  So I learned how to pick foods, enjoy them, and still not lose out on the experience of trying a new cuisine.

Q: Who do you think is a good fit for Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet? 

A: The person who would be most successful, which I have seen with some of my husband’s patients too, is they come with the faith that you are going to do the best for them. And it’s not going to be a cookie cutter sheet that they use on everyone. They have to come in with really wanting to make improvements to themselves and be patient with themselves. This is like a marathon for me. So they have to be willing to be in a marathon because it’s not that you do it for six months, you see improvement, and then you go back to your old ways. So it would have to be someone who’s willing to run a marathon and is patient with themselves, and is willing to try.


Priya’s experience echos countless testimonials from the 2,00,000 people the Dhurandhar family has helped over the years with their weight loss. 

Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet is a systematic, personalized fat-loss diet that helps you understand how to eat your every-day foods and achieve a healthier weight.  By following a personalized diet plan for some time, you can learn how to take the foods you already eat in a way that achieves a lower weight and better health. 

And because you learn how to eat from your current habits, it isn’t something radical that you feel in a hurry to finish and stop. Instead, you learn a sustainable lifestyle that is compatible with the rest of your life to achieve and keep a healthier weight. 

If the usual programs leave you feeling stuck, and you want insights about your own eating habits that you’ve never had before, try Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat Loss Diet. 

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