Get Your Tools Ready

Tools Required to Follow the Program

Weighing Scale or Body-Fat Scale

The most basic requirement is a weighing scale, or what is popularly known as a bathroom scale. It is important that your weighing scale is in good working order. If it is very old, it can show erratic readings. It would be best to invest in a new, decent scale. If your can afford, an even better investment would be a scale that measures your body fat. This is also known as bio-electrical impedance scale or a BIA scale. It can be ordered over the internet and costs a 20-30 dollars. It looks like a bathroom scale and just like the weighing scale, you stand on it. It gives your reading for weight and fat percentage.

Cooking Measurement Tools

Your recipes only work if you follow them precisely, so make sure to have measuring cups, teaspoon and tablespoon measures, and ideally a kitchen scale. Most of the recipes will involve cup and teaspoon measures, although some recipes give meat portions in ounces.  

Tools Recommended to Follow the Program

Activity Monitor / Step Counter / Pedometer

This is an instrument that keeps track of the number of steps you walk. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Now-a-days, most smart phones have apps that will measure your steps, if you are carrying that phone on you while walking. The easiest versions, however, are activity monitors you wear on your wrist. Examples of these would include the Apple watch, Fitbit, Vivofit or similar items.
NOTE: You can use a smart phone step counter if you have one, but a pedometer you wear on your wrist that you can see easily is better and more accurate.

Measuring Tape

You will need a good measuring tape that is non-stretchable. Try pulling it and it should not stretch. This is for recording your body measurements, so your progress can be tracked. 

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