Life After Fat Loss

In many ways, fat loss is a transformation. Hard work with a sustainable, trustable program that suits you can lead to so many changes in health and other aspects of life. There is no better way to feel excited about getting started with a journey to better health than imagining your future. Luckily at Obthera, we know exactly what successful, sustained fat loss looks like! Below you will find a description of a typical person who loses fat, improves their health, and sustains those changes. With the right program, this could sound a lot like your future self. So, sit back and enjoy reading all about the “new you”!

Your Newfound Health

Fat loss alleviates many chronic health conditions. If you had diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, fatigue, or depression before fat loss, for example, now that you’ve lost fat, you take fewer medications to manage those conditions, and you have fewer symptoms. The alleviation of chronic health conditions comes with so many potential benefits:

  • You go to fewer doctor’s appointments.

  • You do not have to spend as much money on medications.

  • You experience fewer side effects from medications.

  • Your health conditions are no longer barriers to activities you want to do.

  • You free up time you can now spend on other activities because you don’t have to manage your chronic diseases

Even if you weren’t diagnosed with any chronic diseases before losing body fat, you now have reduced risk of developing the obesity-related chronic diseases if any run in your family. For example, reducing body fat reduces the onset of diabetes, many cancers, and reduces stroke and heart attack risk factors like high triglycerides and high cholesterol.

Your health-related quality of life is also better. This means you might have more energy, better sleep, a better libido, better mobility, and a better mood. Life just feels easier because your physical existence is lighter and healthier.

Doors that Open After Fat Loss

With improved health comes new opportunities. There might be activities that you never imagined trying before that are now physically possible. Overcoming the difficult task of losing body fat often brings a new sense of control and confidence. The hesitation you experienced before due to low confidence is either gone or more manageable now.

Better mobility and stamina open doors to new physical feats. Maybe you always wanted to sign up for a 5K and finish it or even had your eye on a longer marathon. Hiking on foot to the natural wonders on your bucket list might be more feasible now. Even something as simple as playing on the floor with children or grandchildren feels so much easier. These are just a few examples, and many more things are physically possible with fat loss and better health.

Your confidence is also higher now than it has been. Many people internalize the incorrect assumptions that society makes about someone with poor health, especially poor health related to excess body fat, because it is stigmatized. Many people start to believe these assumptions are true. If society frequently assumes someone has brought poor health on themselves because he or she is lacks willpower or is unintelligent, it is hard not to start believing that is true. But fat loss is challenging, and now that you have accomplished that, you have confidence that you can accomplish other things that require planned, systematic, and sustained effort. Society has always been wrong about you, and you can accomplish what you put your mind to.

Your New Friends

Although you might not have expected it, you now have new friends. Or old relationships are stronger now. Going through a transformation like fat loss requires support to succeed. Throughout the process, you found like-minded people who shamelessly prioritize their health and wellbeing over other things so that they can make the most of their lives.

When you prioritize the health of the food when choosing a place to eat lunch, your like-minded coworker is right there with you. When you plan your weekly weekend hike, your new hiking buddies share their favorite spots. When you are having a bad day, bad week, or bad month and can’t prioritize your health, your friends are there to remind you it is OK and lend you a hand in starting back right where you left off.

Challenges You’ll Overcome

Now that you have experienced the freedom of health, and you know how to achieve it, you do everything in your power to maintain it. Your future might hold many challenges that derail your efforts from time to time, but your tried-and-true routine that started with your initial fat loss journey is now like your favorite recliner. It’s right there waiting for you when you’re ready to settle back into it and get comfortable again.

Holidays and the food-related gatherings will always be there. Every year, your family and friends will be excited to share that special food and those memories with you. But now you have a plan for how to enjoy these times. There is a line between reckless

enjoyment and maintaining health that each individual finds for themselves, and you know what to do. You now understand where your comfort zone is.

Certain life events might also come along that derail you. To maintain your fat loss and health, your environment matters a lot. You have carefully shaped it with circumstances and people that help you. But life events like a divorce, moving across the country, a big job change, or maybe an injury can change things up. These events might change the game, and you might need to recalibrate. In this new circumstance, what can you do? Because you’re now a fat loss expert, you’ll know what to do. You might just need a new plan to do it.

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